Our team building workshops teach you
​to sail a boat and your business.


Each requires a voyage and a destination. Each requires cooperative skills and navigational capacity to achieve goals. We show you how to get there safely, effectively and within the bounds of the natural world. Our workshops will help the sailor do better business and the business person sail their company into the future. The success in this type of sailing is not determined by integrity, teamwork and legacy. We measure ourselves individually by skill and leadership, but at the end of the day, it is really about how teams succeed together. A systems approach and sustainability integration can make your voyage into the modern world a happy and successful experience.

To be a good sailor you have to be a systems thinker. (the whole system)

The power of the winds, the water, the sun, and your crew are all participants. The analogy to trends, and customers changing needs, along with considering the limits of the earth and our atmosphere. As a sailor you learn early that nature is your bedfellow, we are more than passengers we are custodians. At sea, you can rarely overpower the earth's might. Be respectful and sail accordingly.

Team building activities for work


Follow the Laws of Nature and Win the Race